Tips to Improve your Slot Machine Game

Tips to Improve your Slot Machine Game

Two Tips to Think About

There are two simple strategies to think about when playing slots. First, think about how you’re managing your money. Make sure you have a money management strategy that will make you the most money and keep you enjoying the game as long as possible.

Second, make sure that you’re playing the machine you’ve chosen to play on correctly.

1 : Play the Maximum Bet

For the most part, play at the maximum bet, which means the maximum credits or coins per spin. The only exception to this rule is when you’re playing multi pay line slots with more than 3 reels. Max bet can quickly reduce even the biggest bankroll on these slots. Keep this in mind and you’ll be able to find machines to play on for any budget.

With progressive slots, max bet is the only way to play because all progressive slots require max bet to win the jackpot. Without max coins, you can hit the right symbols and still lose.

With a smaller bankroll, look for games where the max bet is two coins. You can also change the coin size of the slot you wish to play, so go from dollar to quarter games so max bet is less than one coin on the dollar game. 

2: Change up Your Bets!

This is a good strategy for all slots, but don’t do this on progressives slots. Try changing your bet sizes around instead of staying at the same amount of coins/credits per spin .

That way you have a better chance of getting the higher win multiplier without spending too much. If you are lucky, you can hit the winning pay lines when you place the higher bets. This is a great strategy for machines that give free spins or bonus rounds and doesn’t change your odds of winning.

3: Last but not least, Know Your Game!

Always read the pay table of the machine you are playing on so you know the jackpot requirements. On some slots you have to bet the maximum amount of coins/credits AND get the winning symbols to collect the jackpot.

Nothing is worse than realizing that for one more dollar you would have won $10,000 instead of $1,000. The same goes for slots that offer free spins or bonus features.

Look for what you need to get so you don’t stop playing only a few spins from getting the jackpot, always look for the slot that suits you, and have fun playing!